There is an enormous variety in cotton berets, but not all qualify as a true Basque beret. Firmness, weight, breathability, shape steadiness and general comfort are all equally important in making a true cotton Basque beret.
South Pacific Berets works with only four traditional and artisan Basque beret manufacturers who have also specialized in working with cotton. 

First and foremost: Bonigor from Buenos Aires, offering a large range of cotton berets in diameters varying between 28 and 35cm.
The Fábrica Nacional in Montevideo is, like Bonigor, a major supplier of cotton berets to the gaucho’s, farmers and workers of the South American pampas and fields in a range of sizes, colours and weights.
France’s oldest beret manufacturer Laulhère and young manufacturer Le Béret Français have both taken a more contemporary look at the cotton beret; Laulhère leading in high fashion and Le Béret Français in the development of super-light, easy to wear and eco-friendly berets of recycled cotton and other materials. 

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Not berets, these Miki Hats or Watch Caps, but equally comfortable, well made and good looking - not just on French sailors and fishermen!
These miki's are made of 100% cotton, fitted with a flexible headband and with a Velcro or buckle strap to ensure comfortable (adjustable) sizing. Available in 6 colours with two rim options (matching and corduroy) @ $28.50.