PU Vegan Leather Berets


PU Vegan Leather

Our vegan PU "leather" berets are a perfect alternative for cowhide leather. PU Leather is, unlike PVC, pliable and flexible, offers breathability and can wrinkle and stain like natural leather.

These cotton lined berets measure 26.5cm in diameter, are size adjustable up to size 59 and are presently available in three colours at $29.50. 


Eco Leather Panel Beret

These lined black Eco-Leather Panel Berets are size-adjustable and measure approximately 26.5cm in diameter. 

American Cowhide Berets


American leather

Our genuine cowhide leather berets are handmade by a small family business in New York and offer exceptional value for money. Comfortable, satin lined, full leather berets fitted with a drawstring to adjust size. 

These approximately 27.5cm diameter berets are standard fit up to size 60, but can be stretched further with a block or hat stretcher. 

Presently available in black, navy, khaki and brown - at $62.50.