Among the world's top-quality berets, the Japanese made Flamingos are among the very best.

There are many artisan beret manufacturers in Japan, all typically providing excellent work, but only Flamingo berets are at the top; handmade, dyed with the blessed groundwater of Mount Aso; slow dried in sunlight and the whole manufacturing process integrated in one company. The company's base is Uki City in Kumamoto Prefecture, looking out over Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

Flamingo Berets come in a range of models; in cotton and pure merino wool; with and without lining and in the most intense, beautiful naturally dyed colours. 

Flamingo Classic Cotton Basque Berets


The finest cotton berets available anywhere. 25 cm diameter, fitted with the Flamingo adjustable sizing system and in 4 colours, with and without satin lining. 

Flamingo Cotton

Flamingo Gaucho-400 Cotton Basque Berets


The Gaucho-400 series are 100% cotton berets custom made by Flamingo exclusively for South Pacific Berets.

These Gaucho-style berets measure 28cm in diameter when flat, but appear to be larger, offering excellent protection from the sun while being very cool and comfortable to wear. Available in 4 colours, fitted with size adjustable headband. 

Gaucho 400

Flamingo Hemp (Linen) Basque Berets


The Flamingo summer berets in French hemp (linen) are the ideal berets for warm and humid weather; light, airy, easy to wear and offering good protection from the sun. 

Approximately 27cm diameter, fitted with the Flamingo adjustable sizing system and a 50/50 cotton/linen lining. Hemp content 80%; 20% polyester (for strength). Available in black and green.

Flamingo Hemp (Linen) Basque Beret

Flamingo Tanaka Berets

The Tanaka Beret is a fantastic year-round beret that is excellent for summer wear. The fibers consist of 60% cotton and a mixture of polyester and acrylic (30/10%). Fitted with the Flamingo Original Tape® headband, it is a comfortable fit for any size. The Tanaka Beret measures 28cm in diameter and comes in 2 colour options: Black/Beige and Navy/White.

Tanaka Beret

Flamingo Washi (Japanese Paper) Berets

Washi (和紙) is traditional Japanese paper made of local fiber, processed by hand and made in the traditional manner. Kōzogami Washi is made from the bark of the mulberry and has a toughness closer to cloth than to ordinary paper and does not weaken when treated to be water-resistant. As a Japanese craft, it is registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

The Flamingo Kōzogami Washi Beret is lightweight and very comfortable beret that offers excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention properties. It is woven in a hand-knit style while taking advantage of the refreshing and voluminous feel of Japanese paper.

Superb Japanese craftsmanship in every sense! Available in Black, Brown, Sky Blue, Green and Orange at $75.00.

Flamingo Washi