SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

This week on SPECIAL: Peaked Berets & Beret Casquettes!

Peaked Berets on SPECIAL
Boinas Burel SPECIAL
Casquette Aotearoa SPECIAL

On SPECIAL this week, Beret Casquettes or Peaked Berets!

This week on SPECIAL a large selection of peaked berets and beret casquettes: the cotton and heather wool models by FEZCO-TONAK (from $34.50/44.50 @ $22.50/32.50); the super-de-luxe Auloronesa Casquettes (the last few in stock, from $92.50$69.00); the stunningly beautiful Boinas Burel from Portugal's Serra de Estrela (from $79.50 @ $39.50) and our own Aotearoa beret-casquettes (from $50.00 @ $30.00). 

On Special for one week only or as long as stock lasts!