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Chasseur Alpin Original SPECIAL
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This week on SPECIAL, some of the finest: TARTES CHASSEURS!

The béret Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Hunter's beret), typically referred to as ‘Tarte’ (‘Pie’), is a large beret worn by the French mountain troops since 1891. Copied from the Pyrenean shepherds, the tarte became regulation uniform in 1891 after the French Government created 12 specialized mountain battalions in 1888, feeling threatened after Italy created 6 Alpini regiments of mountain troops, positioned close to the French border. Traditionally navy, these days black and covered with a white cotton cover for winter wear, it is worn tilted on the left, the badge carried on the right side. The beret was large enough to protect a good part of the body from rain and snow during long sentries in the mountains and just as much protects the wearer from the sun. During the First World War, Chasseurs Alpins were known to often abandon the regulatory helmet to wear their tarte during battle. The tarte remains the prerogative of the mountain troops, although there are some other units that are allowed to wear this beret: the Gendarmerie Nationale Haute Montage (Military Mountain Police), legionnaires of the Foreign Legion Engineering Regiment and the Mountain Artillery Troops.

On SPECIAL this week the original Tarte Alpin (Cambo); the luxurious Foulard Aotearoa Alpin in 33.6cm and the exclusive Flamingo Chasseur Series in 31cm.

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