SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

WEEKLY SPECIAL: Tartan 11.5"!

Service Star 11.5" SPECIAL
11.5" Winter-Green SPECIAL
Mammoth 11.5" SPECIAL

The Czech Tartan 11.5" Service Star has been in production for decades, but is now only made on special order. South Pacific Berets has done so and stocks the Service Star in black, navy, winter-green and "mammoth" (the last two not available anywhere else, not even in the Czech Republic). This is a kind of hybrid beret; with the size of a large diameter Basque beret in 11.5" or 29.2cm, while having a military style real leather rim with drawstring and three air vents on the side. A very well finished beret with an exceptional tartan lining.

The Tartan 11.5" Service Star is a seriously comfortable and pleasant beret to wear; the leather headband can be worn "military style" with the rim outwards, or "Basque style", with the rim folded inwards.

On SPECIAL on a 30% discount from $50.00 @ $35.00 (for one week only for as long as stock lasts).