SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

Easter Weekend SPECIAL: Boinas Super Lujo-Grande!



This Easter Weekend on Special: boinas Super Lujo-Grande from $67.50 @ $49.99!

The Boinas Exposición Super Lujo - Grande are the largest diameter in the Super Lujo range, a fraction smaller than the classic “tarte” of the Chasseurs Alpins. These majestic berets, or boinas, are the ideal outdoors headgear; impermeable and large enough to protect from pouring rain, heavy snow and bright sun. 

Boinas Elósegui makes these berets only in the standard colours black and navy, but on special order, South Pacific Berets offers these berets in a number of custom colours. 100% Australian merino wool, fitted with the woven Euskal Herria ("Basque Country") label and only available at South Pacific Berets.

(The long Easter Weekend only and as long as stock lasts).