SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

This week on SPECIAL, a selection of fantastic summer berets for those in the Northern Hemisphere, while some super-dooper warm berets for us in the Southern Hemisphere Winter!

Lighter berets than the Le Béret Français ECO-Printemps don't exist. Eco-berets are made of recycled materials: wool, synthetics, cotton and silk; perfect summer and warm weather wear; super light and extremely soft to the touch (thanks to a high silk content). So light, you'd easily forget you're wearing a beret!

The boina Castilla is a traditional Basque beret, but made in 100% light and breathable cotton. At 29.5cm diameter a standard sized beret, while the Argentinian boinas Tolosa Tupida Plato Grandes are the serious giant among Basque berets at 35cm diameter. Typical gaucho workwear that offers superb protection from the sun.

Meanwhile, for those in the Southern Hemisphere winter, there is absolutely no equivalent in protection from the cold than the 200 grams Tarte Chasseur Alpin - the beret developed for the French Mountain Troops that keeps the head warm in the coldest of weather and stays on well even when downhill skiing

A variety of models and colours all at a great discount for one week only (or as long as stock lasts)!




Beret Alpin Laulhere - Black