SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

This week on SPECIAL: the Béret Héritage!

Les Berets Heritage SPECIAL

On SPECIAL this week, the Béret Héritage!

The Béret Héritage pays tribute to it's origins: Oloron Sainte Marie, the industrial birthplace of the beret. The embroidered beret label depicts the cow and cross that are the coat of arms of the town; the historic bridge across the Gave that can be seen from Laulhère's waterfront factory; the Pic du Midi (which can be seen from Oloron Sainte Marie on a clear day) and the sheep is a Merino, the noble race of sheep whose fine wool is used for the making of berets. 

South Pacific Berets stocks the mid-weight Héritage in black, midnight-blue, green, hermes (red), Bordeaux, brown, santal, bubbel-gum, violet and khaki - a beautifully made 10-pouces (28cm diameter) beret that pays homage to the very origins of the beret. This beret comes in it's own gift box.

Now on Special for 1 week only (or as long as stock lasts) from $55.00 @ $42.50.