SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 

This week on SPECIAL: Caqui & French Khaki!

Caqui and French Khaki SPECIAL

A colour SPECIAL this week, or better, two colour specials. The Spanish word 'caqui' stands for a light shade of brown with a yellowish tinge. Khaki is an equal mix of sage and buff, a quinary color. Khaki has been used by many armies around the world for uniforms, including camouflage. Boinas Elósegui employs this colour for a large range of berets; from the Civil War replica Clásica, via the Hombres, Super Lujo's to the majestic Txapeldun

The colour 'French khaki' is a green shade, sitting between 'olive' and 'loden'; typically used in the (French) military for uniforms and vehicles. Boneteria Auloronesa is the manufacturer of the highest quality - most comfortable berets to be found in the world today.

On SPECIAL this week with discounts of at least 20% (as long as stock lasts).