SPECIALS: For a limited period of time, a popular beret at a special -discounted- price. 


SPECIAL Edición Limitada Paso-doble

On SPECIAL this week, the boinas Paso-Dobles from Spain and the Bi-Colours from France!

The last SPECIAL for a while and therefore, it better be a good one! The Exposición Edición Limitada Paso-dobles are two tone berets, handmade by Boinas Elosegui of the finest Australian virgin merino wool, available in four colour schemes in two diameters. A most elegant luxurious txapela and a guaranteed head turner. Available in 325 and 350mm diameter Black/Rock Grey, Black/Anthracite, Anthracite/Bordeaux and Black/Bordeaux. 

Le Béret Français developed the fantastic Eco-berets out of recycled materials: wool, synthetics, cotton and silk. They named it the Béret de Printemps ("Spring Beret")perfect summer and warm weather wear; super light and extremely soft to the touch (thanks to a high silk content). So light, you'd easily forget you're wearing a beret!

The wool version is, like the Eco Printemps 28cm in diameter and comes in some stunning colour combinations!

Now on SPECIAL at $2950 - $69.50; one week only or as long as stock lasts!


SPECIAL Bi-Colour Berets