All in all, thank you for helping us to select our Berets.  In addition, your Beret Project site is well educational and your South Pacific Beret Website is well layout - all I can say  is - Super Work, Daan :=).

 Hi Daan,
      I just wanted to circle back to you and let you know that I received my peaked beret last week and it is perfect. Thank you so much and please, please, please keep going! Trying to find a decent beret in this day and age is next to impossible and your site has been a fantastic resource!
Thanks again,
 I would like to offer my sincere compliments for your marvellous web site: there is indeed nothing like it on the internet. I have been wearing - and sporadically collecting - berets for more than 50 years, and I have been frequently stopped on the street by people who want to know where they can buy one. Now I can tell them about the best source!
 Hi Daan.
The Beret came yesterday, super nice! This is really what i have been searching for.
 hi daan
i received my boina espinosa algodon friday,i wore it all week end,very comfortable, light
i'm very happy thanks   denis
 Dear Beret Man,
The Txapeldun beret arrived and it is perfect!  Thank you.
 Hi Daan,
I have taken delivery of my Basco Roma - great product and great customer service.
Best regards,


Thank you for sending my beret so quickly. It arrived today and I enjoy it already. I have just ordered another in blue. And thanks also for The Beret Project as I never could of sourced such a nice product here in the States.Best Regards, 


 Hi Daan,
I received the Boina Espinosa today and I love it ! Just what I was hoping for, very light and very comfortable.
thanks so much,


Got the hats - love them all - I would like to get two more!


 Btw, if there's a customer feedback section anywhere in your website just let me know.  I am one very happy customer w/ your kind and excellent support aside from the wonderful high quality berets that you are selling.