Foulards Aotearoa Black, Navy, Rust & Green

Foulards Aotearoa Graphite & Fox

Foulards Txapeldun Black

The bérets foulard Aotearoa were developed by South Pacific Berets with two specific objectives in mind: 

  • to create a high quality, very comfortable foulard beret in a tight knit wool but at the same time in a light weight; 
  • and to sell these at a competitive price. 

These berets weigh only 70% of compatible berets, making them excellent for summer and in-between seasons. Soft to the touch and super comfortable. The bérets foulard Aotearoa come in a range of plateaus (diameters) and in six distinct colours: Black, Navy, Rust, Green, Graphite Grey and Fox; a beautiful brown with a hint of red. All models @ $50.00.

In the same quality comes the majestic Txapeldun ('Champion' in the Basque language) in traditional black and a plateau of 36cm, @ $50.00. 

Foulards Aotearoa
Foulard Aotearoa
Aotearoa Txapeldun

Foulards Casquettes Aotearoa

The foulards Casquette Aotearoa were developed by South Pacific Berets along the same lines as the Basque berets above: a peaked beret in the best possible quality, at the highest comfort level and at a competitive price.

The casquettes are true Basque berets with a peak, available in two sizes (S/L fitting sizes 56-59 and L-XXL fitting sizes 59-63). All models @ $50.00. 

Casquette Aotearoa