Fear' naught WOOL berets

Fear' naught (fēr´nạt`)
1.            A fearless person.
2.            A stout woolen cloth of great thickness; dreadnaught; also, a warm garment.
3.            Official motto of the (British) Royal Tank Regiment

Fear Naught 27 and 30cm

Fear Naught - Super 31.5cm

Fear' naught COTTON berets

Chyldish Fear Naught - Cotton

Painter, author, poet, photographer, film maker, singer and guitarist Billy Childish is one of today’s foremost and prolific artists and, following a long tradition in the arts, Billy’s choice of headgear is typically the Basque beret, as evidenced in many of his paintings, woodcut prints and at live performances.
At South Pacific Berets we have long admired Childish’s work and are incredibly proud to have teamed up with Billy to create a line of beautiful Fear Naught Berets for Worker, Artist & Artisan.
The wool mid-weight berets come in four earthy colours: raven; indigo; moss and russet, fitted with the Chyldish – Fear Naught woven label and a traditional British beret lining in pure cotton.

The wool berets are made in a limited edition at 90 berets per colour in three diameters: 27, 30 and the 31.5cm Super Foulard. Each beret comes with a numbered certificate at $54.50 - 57.50.

New are the down to earth, pure cotton berets made for every day wear, fitted with a solid cotton lining and the Chyldish Fear Naught label. Raven-Black and 3 earthy colours: Earth, Rock and Indigo - Exclusively at South Pacific Berets @ $49.40.

Much more information on Billy Childish can be found here; original artworks can be seen and bought here