Being a web-based shop only, South Pacific Berets remains "open" during the global pandemic, but we are not able to stick to our usual target delivery times. All orders placed will be fulfilled and posted within 24 hours. From there, it can take anything from the typical 8 business days to an unknown number of days or weeks for delivery. Before placing your order, check with your postal service regarding local circumstances. 

South Pacific Berets is an on-line store dedicated to the Basque Beret. 

It all started in 2008, when searching for information about the Basque Beret and finding there was  practically nothing available in English and very little in French and Spanish. There seemed to be a clear need for a book on berets. And with the work on the manuscript came a blog, 'The Beret Project'.
It didn't take long to discover that I wasn't the only person fascinated by this humble, but age old piece of headgear. I discovered that thousands of people from literally all over the world were interested in the beret and keen to find out more - including where to buy quality berets and, wanting to share my passion for this headgear, I looked for ways to let more people enjoy the pleasure of wearing a traditionally made quality beret. South Pacific Berets, and later Boneteria Aotearoa, is the result.
South Pacific Berets started importing berets, or boinas, on a small scale from the famous (and only remaining) Spanish-Basque manufacturer Boinas Elósegui from Tolosa. Due to demand, this was soon to be followed by the enormous range of traditionally made berets by Bonigor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More manufacturers followed over the years, from France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, Japan... and they all share one trait: passion to continue beret making in the traditional, artisan way.
These days South Pacific Berets is by far the most specialized beret shop anywhere in the world, stocking berets in a huge variety of colours, diameters and sizes; in merino wool and cotton, with and without headband; everyday use workers berets and top of the line impermeable luxurious berets.
More than being "just" a retailer, I am passionate about my products and always happy to engage with my customers, work on special requests, do historical research, go out of my way to answer beret-related questions.
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Welcome and enjoy browsing through our berets!

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