Le Béret Français is a 100% made in France label by some of the most dedicated people in the French beret industry, keen to keep the artisan way of French Basque beret making alive. The company aims to ensure the beret is revived as the ultimate French fashion statement.

All materials and pieces are conceived, designed and produced exclusively in France. The beret collection is produced in Bayonne, capital of the French Basque Country and therewith the only true Basque beret manufacturer in France. What's more, even the wool used for the berets is French, coming from French sheep in the Provence. 

The Le Béret Français berets distinguish themselves by multicolored knitting; a complicated technical process that can only be done on their own specially developed machinery. Berets in the tri-couleur of the French flag (or the British, US, Australian, NZ and many other countries for that matter) are absolutely unique. The same is valid for the beret made in the traditional colours of the Spanish anarchist movements of the 1930's. The upper end 'Mode' berets have a red cabillou (or 'txortena') in an otherwise strictly traditional headband-less, 28cm diameter lined beret. The red cabillou is Le Béret Français' unique trademark. 

Being at the forefront of environmental production, Le Béret Français developed a range of Eco-berets, made completely of recycled materials: wool, synthetics, cotton, silk, as well as denim and PET bottles.