Obsolete stock. All berets listed on this page are free with any regular priced beret purchase - all you pay is $2.80 for added postage cost ($3.80 for the larger, heavier models). One free beret per regular beret purchase. 

FREE Harris Tweed Beret 10

10p/28cm Laulhère berets in genuine Harris Tweed.
Only size S (54-56).

FREE Coffee2Go Beret

ReHats creates headgear that is sustainable, made in Germany and at a fair price. The berets measure 25cm in diameter and are handmade; no one model the same as another! The last one presently available in sizes 57, 58 & 59 from $52.50 for $3.80 added postage cost with any regular beret order.         Sizes are tight and exact; if in doubt choose the larger size option.

The Aotearoa labeled Carpathian Mammoth is made by Czech manufacturer FEZCO-TONAK for South Pacific Berets. Large 32cm diameter berets in Sahara, Winter-Green and Pacific Blue.

FREE Aotearoa Mammoth
FREE Bleu de France

Hispano Basque berets in Bleu de France, fitted with lining, 3 air vents and label. 26, 28 and 30cm diameter. 

The last of the Balmorals / Tam o' Shanters. Close relatives of the Basque beret from Scotland. 

FREE Balmoral
FREE Kent Australia

Kent Australian Berets are manufactured by Christies from Sydney. 100% wool, fabric headband.

US Army

US Army black beret; lined, beret flash, 100% wool. Size 7 1/2 (59-60)

NZ Military

Variety of New Zealand made military berets, by Hills from Wellington.

SPB Small Diameter

Wool beret in approx. 255mm diameter. Camel