Obsolete stock. All berets listed on this page are free with any regular priced beret purchase - all you pay is $2.80 for added postage cost ($3.80 for the larger, heavier models). One free beret per regular beret purchase. 

FREE Harris Tweed Beret 10

10p/28cm Laulhère berets in genuine Harris Tweed.
Only size S (54-56).

FREE Cat Beret

100% woolen berets in 10p/28cm diameter with hand-painted cat motive. Black, Red & Navy.

FREE Coffee2Go Beret

ReHats creates headgear that is sustainable, made in Germany and at a fair price. The berets measure 25cm in diameter and are handmade; no one model the same as another! The last one presently available in sizes 57, 58 & 59 from $52.50 for $3.80 added postage cost with any regular beret order.         Sizes are tight and exact; if in doubt choose the larger size option.

The Aotearoa labeled Carpathian Mammoth is made by Czech manufacturer FEZCO-TONAK for South Pacific Berets. Large 32cm diameter berets in Sahara and Pacific Blue.

FREE Aotearoa Mammoth
FREE Bleu de France

Hispano Basque berets in Bleu de France, fitted with lining, 3 air vents and label. 26, 28 and 30cm diameter. 

The last of the Balmorals / Tam o' Shanters. Close relatives of the Basque beret from Scotland. 

FREE Balmoral
FREE Kent Australia

Kent Australian Berets are manufactured by Christies from Sydney. 100% wool, fabric headband.

US Army

US Army black beret; lined, beret flash, 100% wool. Size 7 1/2 (59-60)

NZ Military

Variety of New Zealand made military berets, by Hills from Wellington.

SPB Cotton

The first SPB cotton beret. A soft (floppy) beret in approx. 30cm diameter. 

UCA Free

Armed Forces berets from UČA , 100% wool, leather headband.

SPB Small Diameter

Wool beret in approx. 255mm diameter. Camel