Bérets 100% Coton Biologique

Berets Coton Biologique

Bérets de Printemps

Berets de Printemps
Printemps and Bi-Colour

Bérets Éco-Jean


Being at the forefront of environmental production, Le Béret Français developed three types of Éco-berets, manufactured completely of organically grown cotton and recycled materials.

Latest addition in LBF's Éco range are the berets in 100% organically grown cotton. These berets come in 28cm diameter one-size models in natural undyed cotton or dyed with natural dyes. Ultra soft, feather light, offering great protection from the sun and best of all: sustainable and long lasting. All models $39.50.

The ‘Printemps’ is made of a mixture of recycled cotton, synthetics, linen and silk. The name ‘Béret de Printemps’ is very appropriate as these berets are perfect summer and warm weather wear; super light and extremely soft to the touch (thanks to a high silk content).

The Béret Éco-Jean is also made of 100% recycled fibres; 48% cotton from recycled denim, 47% polyester from recycled drink bottles and 5% of a blend between these fibres. The recycled threads’ impact on the environment is on average 98% less than when using new raw materials (EVEA Conseil, ISO 14040/14044). Already subjected to harsh conditions in their previous lives, these fibres are more resistant to stress and friction than new threads.

Le Béret Français is proud to present the first and only ecological berets from recycled fibres, a patented process by the company’s spinner. The Bérets Eco-Jean are available in black, navy, light-blue and French-khaki; all one-size models in a diameter of 10 pouces/28cm. All models $34.50.