Boneteria Aotearoa's 'Bique-les' beret line is inspired by the illustrious Spanish Basque beret manufacturer La Encartada (Balmaseda, 1892 - 1992).

Top quality, heavy duty Basque berets in classic black and dark navy, made of 100% fine Australian merino wool. The berets are fitted with a solid cotton lining and carry the woven Bique-les label. 

The goat as a symbol of resilience and determination is as old as humanity, in cultures the world over, and is an apt image of what these berets stand for. 

The Bique-les range of berets are all 'universels', one-size models that stretch and adjust to the individual wearer's head size and shape. 

The diameters range from the very small ≈25cm model to the large Plato Grande / Chasseur in ≈33cm and more in between. 

All models $58.00. 


Thanks to Brian Flintoff and Darko Grkinic– dedicated to Jean-Claude Pertuzé