The berets shown on this page are often one-offs (the picture showing the actual beret on sale), sometimes stock remainders in a small number of similar berets, sometimes vintage and second hand berets. It is a constantly changing assortment of berets.

A rare find: the genuine Adidas 2016 UEFA Cup beret! Material 60% Wool/40% Viscose, embroidered Adidas logo and carrying the official UEFA EURO 2016 label. Fitted with a comfortable elastic headband (one size fit all) and 2 x 2 air vents. $42.50

Adidas UEFA 2016

Insignia German Mountain Troops

Insignia German Mountain Troops

Original new (un-issued) badges of the German Army Alpine Troops (Gebirgsjäger).
Cap badge in 2 colour metal, Divisonal badge and Mountain Guide 
(Heeresbergfuhrer) badge in 2 versions.

A very rare genuine Chasseurs Ardennais beret, with badge. This model is from the 1960s in size 53/54 (which any tailor can easily adjust to a larger size). 

Fitted with the original Ardennais boar beret badge @ $45.00. 

Chasseur Ardennais

Original (used) beret insignia French army in good used condition. Only in combination with beret purchase (postage) @ $10.00. 

Beret Insignia

These berets are made by Hills in New Zealand in the colour 'Singapore Khaki'. 

One model (size S) has satin lining; the size L is un-lined. 100% new wool @ $20.00

Singapore Khaki
Southern Exposure

New Zealand made ladies' berets from Southern Exposure; 3 colours (2 with added sequins). 100% wool @ $16.00

The last of the Italian classic sized bascos Roma (with headband). These will not be restocked and all remaining models go at $34.95 only. Some sizes only in black and navy.

Kent Australia

Kent berets are made by Australian Defense Force supplier Christie's in Sydney. Comfortable, light berets, 100% wool @ $14.50 only.

This KANGOL Monty in black M (size 57-59) is the classic KANGOL beret, modeled after the beret the company made all those decades ago for Field Marshall B. L. Montgomery. 100& pure wool, unlined with a faux-leather headband with drawstring. An easy to wear, easily packable beret for daily wear. One only at $40.00

The very last of the Bérets Commando in small diameter size 57 (Black) and 59 (Foreign Legion Green)Fitted with two air vents, satin lining, real goat leather headband with drawstring and carrying Laulhere's Commando label.

Laulhère Commando Beret

The original Service Star is a kind of hybrid beret; the size of a large diameter Basque beret in 11.5", while having a military style <outside> rim with drawstring and three air vents on the side. Well finished beret with soft viscose lining. 

Czech Service Star

A seriously comfortable and pleasant beret to wear.Only two left in sizes 59 and 60.


Three vintage French berets in 9p/25.5cm diameter, originating from 1940s and 1950s. These berets have been modified into universel size berets with the old headband removed (fitting up to size 61).
The Beret Basque Pyrenea and the Cambo model have, quite uniquely, the reverse cabilou still in place (the start of the one thread that makes the whole beret). The black Beret Basque Pyrenea's lining has partly come un-stitched. Both other models in dark navy and in very good condition for age.
Great collector items or for boineros with a liking for small diameter vintage berets!
Vintage French Berets


FEZCO winter casquette

Two very special berets, custom made by FEZCO-TONAK for South Pacific Berets. These are prototypes for peaked berets with ear-flaps - a novel design to protect the ears for beret wearers. Depending on interest, these berets may go into production for the 2019 winter. Handmade of 100% wool in bi-colour. The 10.5" model is black/grey, the 11.5" model black/blue. Comfortable one-size models. Only in each model at $52.50. As per 10 August, only 10.5" remaining

Some very different berets: Chef's Berets from Aragon (purchased by myself while in Jaca, Spain). Cotton chef's hats that are completely size adjustable, a beret that should have a place in every self-respecting cooking boinero's beret collection. Small number available in black and Bordeaux at $22.50

Aragonese Chef's Beret

UČA International. Excellent quality military beret in navy, size 60, with cotton lining, fitted with three air vents and  a lambs leather external headband. UČA International is supplier to the armed forces of the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, among others. One only, from $39.90 @ $26.50.


FREE with any beret purchase ($5.00 for additional postage only): Ladies' berets in dark brown with flower design. Small numbers available per model. 

FREE Ladies' Berets

Vintage pre WWII ID Tags/Bracelets Chasseurs a Pied / Alpins

ID Bracelet Chasseurs Alpin

These ID tags were in use from the 1920's through WWII, based on an earlier model used during the Great War (1914-18). Depicted is the insignia of the battalion of the Chasseurs à Pied or Chasseurs Alpins. The insignia fits the classic 12mm wirelug wristwatch strap as used by British and French officers in WWI. The rear side of the insignia is blanc (apart from manufacturer's name) for engraving name and details. These are genuine, vintage tags that have never been issued.

The real leather straps are copies of the original WWI wirelugs. Low postage as fits in regular envelope. 

US Army black beret; lined, beret flash, 100% wool. Size 7 (57) and 7 1/2 (59-60) @ $20.00

US Army
Scottish Tams

Only one left: New Zealand made Scottish Tam in Red; 100% wool, @ $17.50

Maroon (Paratroopers) berets made by Hills in New Zealand. 100% virgin wool, lined and fitted with webbing or leather headband. $20.00

NZ Maroon (Para)

Small diameter berets, made by Hills in NZ for the UN, Commandos, Military Police, etc. 
Various sizes @ $18.50

NZ Military

New Zealand made SAS berets in S and M. 100% wool, beret flash attached, $20.00

SAS Beret
Classic Tartan 32

Tartan lined 32 cm diameter wool berets,  custom made for South Pacific Berets in a light 95grams weight by FEZCO-TONAK, one of the world's oldest hat makers. As these berets won't be taken in production, they are true one-off, unique berets. Three colours, at the same price as the Czech Classics at only $36.00