Le Laboureur - Natural Burel Wool Cap $79.50

Le Laboureur - Burel

In the early 1950s, Primo Zelanti, began selling traditional work clothing at agricultural fairs and markets in Charolles in Southern Burgundy (France). His small business grew rapidly and in 1956 Zelanti created his own Le Laboureur brand ('The Ploughman'). Inspiration came from the oldest forms of hard wearing work clothing with locally made materials and high-quality fabrics. Gradually, the range extended from just agricultural wear to work-wear for the building trades. The brand's original ethos was to provide local craftsmen with everyday durable and dependable clothing, and this mission is still followed today. A family business, the company is run by Primo's son, Jean Charles.

South Pacific Berets stocks the traditional burel cap (made from the undyed, natural wool of the rare Ouessant sheep), fully fitted with matching satin lining, fitted with what must be the most beautiful beret label ever. 

Le Laboureur - Casquette Moleskin Bleu de Travail $74.50

Casquette BdT

Often asked for and finally available: the custom made casquettes made of heavy 100% cotton Moleskin in the traditional Bleu de Travail. 

Available in 5 sizes @ $74.50.

Le Laboureur - Casquette Linen $75.00

Casquette Linen

The most luxurious in the Le Laboureur Casquette range: the 'Casquette en Lin'. These casquettes are made of 100% French linen, supreme in comfort and looks! 

Available in 4 sizes @ $75.00.

Le Laboureur - Casquette Bombée  $69.50

Casquette Bombée

An alternative to the traditional casquette, designed in 100% merino wool. This Casquette Bombée is a domed cap, chic and trendy, perfectly complementing the outfit of the artisan worker and just as good to wear to the opera or theatre. Italian made exclusively for Le Laboureur

Available in 5 sizes @ $69.50. 

Le Laboureur - Édition Limitée 2021 - Khaki Ouessant Wool Cap $79.50

Following the succes of the "Édition Limitée Marine Ouessant Wool Cap" in 2020 (now in very limited supply), Le Laboureur introduces the "Édition Limitée Khaki Ouessant Wool Cap" for 2021. 

The same raw natural Ouessant Breton sheep's wool, but dyed in the raw-khaki typical of French WWII uniforms. Only available at South Pacific Berets (as long as stock lasts). 

Édition limitée Ouessant Khaki

Le Laboureur - Édition Limitée 2020 - Marine Ouessant Wool Cap $79.50

At the beginning of the new decennium Le Laboureur made a special limited edition of the famous 'burel wool cap', the "Édition Limitée Marine Ouessant Wool Cap". Made of the natural Ouessant Breton sheep's wool, dyed in the original raw-navy of the Chasseurs Alpins and only available at South Pacific Berets in very limited numbers (size 57-61). 

Édition limitée Ouessant Marine

Le Laboureur - Moleskin and Corduroy Caps $74.50

The Le Laboureur casquettes in black moleskin and corduroy have been staple wear for French farmers for many decades.
Top quality materials, handmade in France, superb fit and comfort – the only ‘cap’ stocked at South Pacific Berets. 

Casquette Laboureur Moleskin
Casquette Laboureur Corduroy

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric, woven and then sheared to create a short, soft pile on one side. The cloth is woven of carded cotton yarn in a dense weft-faced satin weave. The surface is napped or sheared to "produce a suede-like finish".
The feel and appearance of its nap is like felt or chamois, but less plush than velour.
Clothing made from moleskin is noted for its softness and durability; French workers of many generations wore ("bleu de travail") workwear made of moleskin. The cloth is so densely woven as to be windproof.
Its name is due to the soft brushed hand of the fabric, like mole fur.

The word “corduroy” comes from the French words “Cord du Roi”, meaning “cord for Kings.” Textile archivists believe the fabric's original conception originates in Fustat, Egypt, 200 AD.

The fabric was an exclusive Egyptian specialty until imported to Italy during the Middle Ages, where the Royals were all over the novelty of it.

From early last century, corduroy became standard in military uniforms and later on, a staple in pop culture. The Le Laboureur casquette in corduroy is a beautiful, fine fitting piece of headwear, keeping you warm and comfortable while looking great!