Corduroy Berets


Corduroy Beret

Creative thinking and new materials to revive an age-old concept resulted in these corduroy Basque berets. Stylish, well designed, comfortable and showing good craftsmanship - the outer shell is made of 85%cotton and 15% rayon (for strength), is fitted with a polycotton lining and size adjustable headband. 

Introductory price $39.50.

Hemp/Cotton Berets


Hemp-Cotton Beret

Natural berets in a mix of hemp (linen) 55% and cotton (45%). Light and easy to wear, stylish and comfortable. Presently only available in black @ $39.50.

Mohair Winter Berets


Mohair Winter Berets

The ultimate winter berets, made of Angora goat's mohair, to wear Basque-style, but with enough room to pull over the ears to protect from the cold.

Mohair the hair of the Angora goat (not to be confused with Angora wool, which is made from the fur of the angora rabbit).Mohair is one of the oldest textile fibers in use. The Angora goat is thought to originate from the mountains of Tibet, reaching Turkey in the 16th century.

Mohair is a stronger fiber than wool and is naturally softer as well. It has been used in the automotive and aeronautical industries due to its extreme fire retardant properties and is used as a noise control barrier thanks to its high sound absorbency.

Above all, berets made of mohair are extremely comfortable and warm.

Outback Tropical Berets


Outback beret

The Outback Tropical Berets are feather-light berets made of a nylon outer shell and a poly-cotton lining. Fitted with a size adjustable headband these berets make for the ultimate sun protection in hot and humid weather. Available in khaki-green @ $34.50. 

Jou Jou 9.5p Berets


Jou-Jou 9.5p

The Jou-Jou Berets are 9.5p / 26.5cm diameter models fitted with a size adjustable military style headband which can be worn folded in or out. 

Super comfortable, easy to wear light-weight (60 gram) berets in a variety of colours @ $34.50.

Jou-Jou Cotton Berets


Jou-Jou Cotton Beret

The Jou-Jou Cotton beret measures 28cm in diameter and is fitted with an elastic headband which ensures a comfortable fit for all sizes. These berets are made of 60% cotton and 40% poly/rayon for reinforcement. Available in Café au lait @ $34.50.

Kadong Cotton Berets

The Kadong berets are gaucho style models in a medium weight knitted cotton that, typically for Japanese berets, looks larger than the 28cm diameter it measures. 

Extremely comfortable berets, fitted with an internal drawstring to adjust size, available in black and two colours @ $44.50. 

Kadong Cotton Beret


Straw Berets

Rice straw is a traditional material for hats and clothing in Japan, an art perfected over the centuries. The art of weaving straw is celebrated every year at the Wara Art Festival with massive sculptures made of rice straw.

And berets too are made of straw. An easy to wear, light alternative to wool and cotton berets, fitted with a headband with internal drawstring to make the beret size adjustable.

South Pacific Berets stocks one true beret (with chobo) in two colours @ $40.00. 

Straw Beret