Choi Tashi Thermo Berets

The Choi Tashi Thermo Beret is an ultralight, super comfortable beret (at 50 grams!) and offers great insulation, making these berets perfect for both summer and cool weather wear. 
Measuring 26cm in diameter these berets are fitted with a size adjustable drawstring, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for any size. 

Gift-box packed, these khaki berets cost $42.50.

Thermo Beret

Choi Tashi Linen (Hemp) Thermo Berets

Strange, but true: the Choi Tashi Thermo Beret in khaki is our best selling beret, ever. 

Now these illustrious, light, easy to wear berets are also available in a mix of linen (hemp) and cotton. 26cmin diameter and fitted with a size adjustable  headband.

Individually gift-boxed and available in the colours Sand and Black, these berets cost $42.50.

Choi Tashi Linen

Choi Tashi Merino Wool Thermo Berets

The original merino wool beret by Choi Tashi. This merino wool beret is fitted with an incredibly comfortable elastic headband (36% rayon, 33% polyester, 21% acrylic, 10% nylon) and is a pleasure to wear in any temperature or climate.

Individually gift boxed, these 27cm diameter berets in graphite-grey cost $42.50.

Choi Tashi Helvetica