Among the world's top-quality berets, the Japanese made Flamingos are among the very best.

There are a number of beret manufacturers in Japan, all typically providing excellent work, but only Flamingo berets are handmade; dyed with the blessed groundwater of Mount Aso; slow dried in sunlight and the whole manufacturing process integrated in one company. The company's base is Uki City in Kumamoto Prefecture, looking out over Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

Flamingo Berets come in a range of models; in cotton and pure merino wool; with and without lining and in the most intense, beautiful naturally dyed colours. 

Flamingo 26.5cm Basque Berets


The Flamingo Basque in 9.5p is the standard Basque beret without lining and headband; easily stretchable to the largest head-size, soft Australian merino wool, comfortable and available in black and 7colours. 
Flamingo 9.5p Basque Beret

Flamingo Chobo 6000 28cm Basque Berets


Chobo 6000

The Flamingo Chobo 6000 is a super comfortable beret in 28cm Ø. 

100% Merino wool, available in 4 colours, with and without lining and all fitted with the Flamingo adjustable sizing system. 

Flamingo Chobo-400 Universel 30.5cm Berets


Chobo 400 Universel

The Flamingo Chobo-400 Universel is a custom made beret in 30.5cm Ø. 

These berets are made in dense Australian Merino wool, fitted with a special lining made of 50% linen (hemp) and 50% cotton. Available in black and 3 colours, in a very comfortable one-size model that easily stretches and adjusts to any individual wearer. 

Flamingo Naturel Series

Reduced in Price

$72.50- 75.00

Flamingo Naturel

The Flamingo Naturel Series are a range of custom-made, top-quality berets in natural, undyed Australian merino wool. 

The manufacturing process involves extended rinsing in the blessed volcanic groundwaters of Mount Aso and brushing for an ultrasoft, pleasant to the touch feel.

Available with a size adjustable headband in a 28cm and 30cm model, as well as a Universel one-size model in 30cm.

Flamingo W6200 30cm Berets


Flamingo W6200

The Flamingo W6200 and W400 models are essentially the same, apart from their weight. 

The W6200 is a 85 gram merino wool beret best suited for warm and mild weather; the 115 gram W400 is great for in-between seasons and winter. Both models are without 'chobo' (cabillou), measure 30cm in diameter and are fitted with a comfortable elasticated rim which is size adjustable. The berets are unlined and fitted with the smaller Flamingo label in the rim of the band.

Flamingo W400 30cm Berets


Flamingo W400

Flamingo Chobo400 Exclusive 31cm Berets

The Flamingo Chobo400 models are exclusively made for South Pacific Berets. Based on the W400 model, these berets measure 31cm in diameter and are fitted with a satin lining, the Flamingo Basque woven label, the trademark Flamingo size-adjustable headband and a chobo.

Handmade, naturally dyed, rinsed in Mount Aso groundwater and sun-dried - these berets are of a rare colour intensity and yes, among the most comfortable berets to be found. 


Chobo-400 Exclusive

Flamingo Chobo400 Exclusive Chasseurs Series

The Flamingo Chobo400 Exclusive Chasseurs Series was initially introduced in 2020. Superb berets based on the Chobo400 Exclusive berets, modelled on the famous "Tartes" of the Chasseurs Alpins (the French elite mountain troops) and the Chasseurs Ardennais (the Belgian "Hunters of the Ardennes").

Exclusively for South Pacific Berets, Flamingo Berets has made a new batch in 3 additional colours: Raven-Black, Wine and RAF-Blue.

These berets share all of the Chobo400 Exclusive model’s characteristics: heavy (130 gram) weight, handmade, naturally dyed, rinsed in Mount Aso groundwater and open-air sun-dried. However, the Exclusive Chasseurs Series is fitted with a full-hood cotton-linen lining and now available in five stunning colours.
All are fitted with the trademark 'Original Flamingo' label and the Flamingo trademark size-adjustable headband. Only a grand total of 60 berets has been made.

14 August 2023: Ardennais Sold Out



Wine - Bordeaux

RAF Blue


Chobo400 Chasseurs Series

Raven - Black