Not berets, but made in a very similar way on a SHIMA SEIKI Whole Garment Knitting Machine are these Skullies in 100% mulberry silk, organically grown cotton, wool mix and hemp (linen). 

Perfect hats to wear your 'round, be it summer or winter, chilly or hot. Wear it Japanese style under your beret, covering the ears, in winter!


High-grade natural silk is a light and supple material with excellent water absorption and retention qualities. 

Comfortable, breathable and stylish - 5 colours in a 100% natural material.


Skully - Silk



Skully - Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers for three years under strict management and is harvested only after the plant’s leaves naturally fall off after a frost.
The production process avoids chemical treatment and ensures to keep cotton’s natural texture, making it very soft and comfortable to the touch. Organic cotton is much softer than conventionally grown cotton.

Available in 3 colours: faded black, faded green and faded navy.



Skully Hotwool

Hotwool is a mixture of natural wool and modern synthetic fibers, creating a fabric with excellent insulation capacity, high moisture absorption that eliminates body odours from sweat and generates warmth by absorption.
Rare, in a modern fibe
r knitwear is the anti-static effect of the garment, making it very pleasant to wear in fall and winter.

Available in Purple and Red.



Skully - Hemp

Hemp has been native to Japan since ancient times and has been widely used for its fiber. It is breathable and offers good moisture absorption. When hemp gets wet, it becomes stronger and more resistant to washing.
Hemp has the highest heat conductivity among natural materials, so it gives a [cool feeling] to the skin by taking away body heat and quickly dissipating it. Enjoy the natural ruggedness peculiar to hemp.
Available in 2 colours: Mais and Black.