The Billy Childish Crow berets are among the Best of the Best; berets that have come to life in a collaboration between Billy Childish, the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Flamingo Berets from Japan and Boneteria Aotearoa. 

Two models in diameter varying from 28cm to 30cm, five colours, at $130.00.

From August 2023, the Crow.2 in 26cm will be available at $92.95.

Beret & Signed Postcard of the Crow Woodcut Print.

Billy Childish Crow W6200 / 28cmø

The Crow 6200 measures 28cm in diameter and, like the W400 in 30cm diameter, comes in five artist colours: Herculean Blue, Raw Sienna, Permanent Green Light, Managanese Violet and Jackdaw Grey. 

Billy Childish Crow W400 / 30cmø

All Crow berets are handmade of the finest and softest Australian Merino wool, offering superb insulation and comfort. 

The berets are dyed with the blessed groundwater of Mount Aso; slow dried in sunlight and the whole manufacturing process integrated in one company, overlooking Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

Billy Childish Crow .2 W6300 / 26.2cmø

Made from the same high grade Australian merino wool as the original Crow series, fitted with a size adjustable headband and a French black linen lining, the Crow.2 will be available from September 2023. 

The Crow.2 has a diameter of 26.2cm and is available in RAF Blue, Mocha and Forest Green @ $92.95. 

Every Crow beret comes with a heavy weight autographed postcard of a Billy Childish Crow woodcut print.

Crow 6200
Crow 400
CROW.2 W6300

A true tale from the coalface of art, by Billy Childish.

As Black as a Crow.  

How curious - a crow as black as my beret, ominously circling Eros. The game's a-foot! I hail a cab, duck into the back, take off my army nap-sack and park my arse.

'Where to, Gov?' The rough-hewn cockney driver views me in his rear-view mirror with his baggy, oyster-like eyes.

‘221b, Baker Street.'

'Rite you are, Gov!' He pulls out into the barely moving traffic. 'I hope you ain’t in rush, Gov?'

I look longingly to the pavement: an old lady with bandaged legs, dragging a tartan shopping cart, is overtaking us with ease, 'No.' I sigh.

'What you do for a living, if you don’t mind me asking, Gov?'

'I’m an artist.'

'You’re an artist!  I bleeding knew it! - What with your beret n' all! . . . You don’t see many people with the style and class to pull that off, if you don’t mind me praising you to the hilt, Gov!'

'I accept you complement, Sir.'

'Is it comfortable to wear, Gov? I wouldn’t mind one meself.'

'When descending into the dark mines of the mind, to spend many hours tirelessly chipping away at the rugged coalface of art, a worker’s beret can be of great comfort to a man. I assume that the same would be true of cab driver, for to both professions freedom is essential.'

'I couldn’t have put it more bleeding succinctly me bleeding self, Gov! . . . Oi! Out the f-ing way! You can’t do a bleeding U-turn here! . . . Sorry about that, Gov, the roads full of nutters! . . . What Business have you with Mister Holmes, if you don’t mind me being a nosy parker, Gov?'

'It concerns a murder.'

'A murder? Cor blimey!'

'Yes, ‘tis a grave matter - a murder of crows!'

'Lord preserve us Gov, it fairly chills the bones.’

Crow Beret Pins

The Mórrígan is a figure from Irish-Celtic mythology. The name is Mór-Ríoghain in Modern Irish, and it has been translated as "great queen" or "phantom queen".
The Mórrígan is associated with war and fate, especially with foretelling doom, death, or victory in battle. In this role she appears as a crow, the "badb". She incites warriors to battle and can help bring about victory over their enemies. The Mórrígan encourages warriors to do brave deeds, strikes fear into their enemies, and is portrayed washing the bloodstained clothes of those fated to die.

CROW Beret Pin

$8.50, postage free with any Crow Beret purchase