Manufacture de Bérets was founded by Denis Guédon, the former technical director of Laulhère, in 2011. The small workshop was based in Oloron Sainte Marie, the heart of “Beret Country” in the French Béarn. Proud of his native Occitan language, he named the company Boneteria Auloronesa – “Beret maker of Oloron”.

When Denis Guédon retired, in 2015, he couldn’t have chosen a better successor than Sara Goupy, who expanded the business and moved it to the small historic Béarnais city of Orthez, some 45 km’s from Oloron Sainte Marie.  
Not coming from Oloron anymore, the berets are now made under the name ‘Manufacture de Bérets – Atelier en Béarn’.
The universels are the same foulard quality berets as the Auloronesa Universel, all fitted with a liguette to comfortably adjust the size, fitted with a solid cotton lining and the new label proudly stating the heraldic symbols of the City of Orthez. 

The Foulards Universel Orthez are presently available in a limited number of colours in sizes 9.5p (26.5cm), 10p (28cm), 10.5p (29.5cm) and 12p/Alpin (33.6cm), from $99.50.

Foulards Orthez Universel
Foulard Universel Orthez

Les Foulards Chasseurs Alpins

Foulard Chasseur Alpin Orthez