The Bérets Universel Luxe are the luxurious version of the Universel Auloronesa/Orthez models in a 10p (28cm) diameter. 

These foulard quality  berets are made of the softest French merino wool and fitted with a solid French linen lining (in naturel or black) and the woven Manufacture de Béret label.

Available in black and 5 colours.

Berets Universel Luxe

The Bérets Merino d’Arles are custom batch-made berets in natural, unbleached and undyed wool of the Merinos d’Arles sheep. Merino wool from Arles is very hard to source and expensive as a raw material. The knitting, fulling and felting of these berets follows an intricate and difficult process. In a limited number, these are now available in a 'Luxe' model with French linen lining. 

Merino d'Arles Luxe