These foulard quality Merino wool berets are fitted with natural, unbleached French linen lining and our own Boneteria Aotearoa label. Not only beautiful, but very pleasant to wear as providing excellent moisture absorption and very comfortable to the touch. 

The Foulards Linen are available in black and, in a limited number, in quetsche - the deep purple of Damascus plums. 

The Foulards Linen - Taille are sized berets with the same unbleached French lining and fitted with a non-animal based leatherette headband. Available in 9, 10 and 11 pouces and in 12 pouces Alpin version

All black 9p, 10p, 10.5p and 11p models @ $89.50; the 12p/Alpin models @ $94.50; in quetsche only 12p/Alpin @ $97.50.

Universel - Linen
Universel Quetsche - Linen lined

Foulard Linen - Taille 9p
Foulards Linen - Taille 11p
Foulards Linen - Taille 10p
Foulards Linen - Taille 12p/Alpin