The 'bérets foulard universel' are the original berets, as made by generations of Béarnaise shepherds over many centuries while out on the high mountain pastures during the summer months. The difference with other berets is the liguette (satin drawstring) and a unique feature that enables the wearer to adjust the size perfectly without having to stretch the beret first.

Until the Industrial Revolution all berets were made in this way, but the machines used since are unable to follow the delicate production process that can only be done in small batches of maximum 10 berets at a time - despite the knitting by machines, one could say these berets are pretty much hand-made. 

The 'bérets foulard universel are, if not the best, among the very best berets one can find - anywhere! Available in a large range of diameters from 9.5 pouces (265mm) to 12 pouces (336mm) and in a large variety of colours, some custom made for South Pacific Berets. 

All berets made by Boneteria Auloronesa are of foulard quality: highest possible comfort, superior finishing and soft to the touch.

In case your prefered size/colour has sold out, please check out the Boneteria Aotearoa web site, offering the luxury edition of these same berets. 

 Bérets Foulard Universel UN-LINED - 10 pouces (280mm) - 12 pouces (336mm)

Foulard Universel - Un-Lined

These Foulards Universel are un-lined, without the embroidered Boneteria Auloronesa label inside the beret. Available in a small number in all diameters from 10 pouces (265mm) to the grand 12 pouces Alpin (336mm).  

Bérets Foulard Universel - 9.5 pouces (265mm) and 10.5 pouces (295mm)

Models of the Auloronesa label that sold out, can also be found on this page 

Auloronesa Universel 9.5
Auloronesa Universel 10.5p

Bérets Foulard Universel - 10 pouces (280mm)

Foulards Universel 10p (28cm)

Bérets Foulard Universel - 11 pouces (310mm)

Foulards Universel 11p (31cm)

Universel 11p Quetsche sold out


Bérets Foulard Alpin Universel - 12 pouces (336mm)

Foulard (Tarte) Alpin

The Béret Foulard Alpin Universel in other colours are also available on this page