The bérets garnis cuir are Boneteria Auloronesa's sized berets, fitted with the supplest satin trimmed leather headband you could find in any beret. These sized berets come in three diameters: the very small 9, the standard 10 and the generous plateau of 11 pouces (256, 280 and 310mm diameter respectively). 

These berets are made of the finest quality merino wool and naturally impermeable; the best sized berets to be found, anywhere! 

Berets in 9 and 10 pouces 

Bérets garnis cuir - 9 and 10p


 11 pouces 

Bérets garnis cuir 11p/31cm



Foulards - Linen lined XXL

 11 pouces XXL

Un-bleached French Linen Lining and Leather Headband

Size 62 / 64