The rádiovka is the traditional Czech beret (made immortally famous by Pat & Mat); the smallest diameter beret (at 24cm diameter) we stock at South Pacific Berets and a personal favourite. 

The classic rádiovka's have a tartan satin lining and a pleasantly thin, soft headband. Available in (stretchable) sizes 56 - 60. An absolute treat!

 Rádiovka - Classic Leather Headband

$ 38.95 

Rádiovka - Leather Headband

Rádiovka - Classic Black

$ 38.95 

Radiovka - Sized

The very last - 

only in size 56 

 Rádiovka - the 'Exclusives' 

A first in the long history of these illustrious berets: rádiovka's in winter-green, deep-blue, Bordeaux and black with external leather headband. Available in 5 (stretchable) sizes, all traditionally tartan lined and exclusively made for South Pacific Berets.

Radiovka - Winter Green & Deep Blue
Rádiovka Bordeaux