The 'Warszawski Beret Szyty' is a handmade woolen beret, following the traditional Polish style of two-piece beret manufacturing. Unlike the traditional Basque beret, which is knitted from one single thread, the Warszawski beret is made of two pieces of woven wool, sewn together, showing the typical hem on the outside of the beret. This style is typical for Polish and former Soviet Union made (military) berets and originates from the British wartime berets and 'service caps'.

The Warszawski is fitted with a soft viscose black lining across the upper inside of the beret, the label embroidered directly on the lining. The real leather headband is supple and comfortable, fitted with a brake to prevent lift. 

The Warszawski berets offer perfect craftsmanship and show an exceptional eye for detail, made by 4th generation hatters of the Sterkowski family from Warsaw and Ukrainian craftsmen.

The light weight of the Warszawski makes it an excellent wool beret for summer and mild weather.  

Warszawski Beret Szyty BLACK

Warszawski Beret Szyty GREY

Sizes 57- 63


Warszawski Beret Szyty NAVY

The Warszawski Beret Szyty's (sewn) origins

British General Service Cap, 1945
Polish General Service Cap. WWII
Soviet era sewn Beret (Airborne)
Present-day Polish Army (sewn) Beret