Le Béret Français: Merino d’Arles

Merino d'Arles LBF

The Bérets Merino d'Arles are natural merino berets made of undyed, natural wool of brown merino sheep from the Arles region in France. 

The Merinos d’Arles produce a light fleece of only 2 kg of very fine wool in the range between 20/21 micron with a length of 5/7cm. The particularity of the Merino d’Arles fibre is its curliness; no other wool has so many bows per centimeter. This allows very light products due to its bulkiness and lightweight. 

Whereas most Merino sheep are bred with a focus on pure white fleece, the original colour of the wool are shades between milk-white to brown and grey. Le Béret Français uses the darkest brown Merino wool to be found. 
Handmade in small batches in Bayonne, the capital of the French Basque Country. 

The new Dark Khaki d'Arles Classique is the same beret as the naturel model, but dyed in a dark khaki green. 

Merino d'Arles Khaki

 Bérets Français Classique

The Bérets Français Classique are LBF's standard berets; un-lined in 10 pouces (28 cm diameter), made of 100% French wool.

The Classique is available in a range of vibrant colours: Khaki, Red, Mustard, Rose and the new Truffle, Bordeaux, Caramel, Hunter-Orange and Dark Heather Grey. $ 33.50.

LBF Classique

Bérets Cabillou Rouge

The upper end 'Cabillou Rouge' berets have a red 'cabillou' (or 'txortena') in an otherwise strictly traditional headband-less, 10p/28cm diameter lined beret. The red cabillou is Le Béret Français' unique trademark.  Available in three colours. $50.00

Le Béret Français
Bérets Casquette

The Béret Casquette is a peaked beret based on the 10p/28cm ‘Béret Classique’. The actual beret is made in the Basque Country and the visor is added by a Flée milliner (Pays de la Loire). A true béret Basque with peak. $50.00

Beret Casquette

Bérets Bi & Tri Couleur

Two and Three tone berets, a specialty by le Béret Français. One size models in 28cm, pure Merino wool. $37.50

Le Beret Francais Bi-Colour

Bérets Marbré

The Bérets Marbré are another exclusive by Le Béret Français. Berets made of 100% Merino wool with a marbled (camouflage-like pattern) that are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also absolute head turners.
One size berets in 10p/28cm diameter, available in a light and a dark blue/cream pattern. $50.00