Bérets Français Classique

The Bérets Français Classique are LBF's standard berets; un-lined in 10 pouces (28 cm diameter), made of 100% French wool.

The Classique is available in a range of vibrant colours: Khaki, Red, Mustard, Rose and the new Truffle, Bordeaux, Caramel, Hunter-Orange and Dark Heather Grey. $ 33.50.

LBF Classique

Bérets Cabillou Rouge

The upper end 'Cabillou Rouge' berets have a red 'cabillou' (or 'txortena') in an otherwise strictly traditional headband-less, 10p/28cm diameter lined beret. The red cabillou is Le Béret Français' unique trademark.  Available in three colours. $50.00

Le Béret Français
Bérets Casquette

The Béret Casquette is a peaked beret based on the 10p/28cm ‘Béret Classique’. The actual beret is made in the Basque Country and the visor is added by a Flée milliner (Pays de la Loire). A true béret Basque with peak. $50.00

Beret Casquette

Bérets Bi & Tri Couleur

Two and Three tone berets, a specialty by le Béret Français. One size models in 28cm, pure Merino wool. $37.50

Le Beret Francais Bi-Colour

Bérets Marbré

The Bérets Marbré are another exclusive by Le Béret Français. Berets made of 100% Merino wool with a marbled (camouflage-like pattern) that are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also absolute head turners.
One size berets in 10p/28cm diameter, available in a light and a dark blue/cream pattern. $50.00