Black Basques from 27 - 30 cm diameter 

 Left to right: 27, 28, 29, and 30 cm diameter. 

Hispano Basque - Black

 Navy Basques from 29 - 34 cm diameter

Hispano Basque Navy

 Navy Military Style Berets - 27 cm diameter

Hispano Military Style - Navy

27cm diameter, without cabilliou (the "wick"), fully cotton lined

  Grey Basques from 27 - 33 cm diameter

Hispano Basque Grey

   Brown Basques from 28 - 33 cm diameter

Hispano Basque Brown

   Bordeaux Basques from 26 - 33 cm diameter

Hispano Basque Bordeaux

 Khaki Basques in 29.5cm diameter

Hispano Basque Khaki

 Green Basques 26 - 30 cm diameter

Hispano Basque Green

 Naturel - Basques 27-31cm



Hispano Basque - Naturel

The Hispano Basque Naturels are South Pacific Berets' own unbleached and undyed berets; natural wool in its original colour with the occasional blemish or colour difference due to the natural wool fibres. These berets are available in three diameters: 270mm, 290mm and 310mm (resp. 10.6", 11.4" and 12.2"), fitted with a cotton lining, the woven Hispano Basque label and three air vents on the side.

An excellent and comfortable 100% wool beret for warm weather.