Kopka is a luxury knitwear brand, from the city of Brühl in the German Rhineland. Kopka has been working in the hat industry since the 1950's - mainly as a supplier of hat bodies for hat makers worldwide and making quality (Basque) berets. 
Kopka is innovative in both design and materials, having come up with the design for the roll-up beret, the tie dye and berets made of pure Himalayan yak wool. 

Classic Beret 28cm


Classic Merino 28

The Classic Beret in 28cm is an unlined, mid-weight Basque beret made of 100% soft spun merino wool. One-size that easily stretches to the largest head size.

Classic XL Beret 32cm


Classic XL Merino 32

The Classic XL mid-weight Beret is a typical gaucho/Chasseur Alpin beret in 32cm diameter. Unlined, one-size, 100% soft spun merino wool. An excellent wool beret for warmer weather and in-between seasons.

Roll-Up & Tie Dye Berets 


Roll Up and Tie Dye

The roll-up beret offers a prolonged brim part, that can be rolled up, fold up or left as it is to cover the ears. There are many ways to wear these one-size merino wool berets! 13 June 2022: Roll-up Berets presently sold out

The tie-dye beret is a black 28cm beret in one-size merino wool with a unique tie dyed pattern.

Himalayan Yak Wool Berets 

14 June 2022 SOLD OUT - NEW STOCK in MID-JULY 2022


Pre-Order: Himalayan Yak Wool Berets

Yak wool is extremely fine (16-18 microns) and therefore soft and light. It does not scratch and is well tolerated by people with allergies.

The yak wool repels moisture and remains odorless, but above all, yak Wool is wonderfully insulating and warming. One size. Pre-order now and secure yours for shipping 2nd half of July.