Big in Japan: Basque Berets! Interestingly, most berets seen in Japan are also made in Japan.  And among these Japanese made berets are some that can easily compete in quality with the nicest European or South American made berets. The most striking thing about these berets, I find, is the eye for detail that shows, the "little extra" or the "going out of their way" to make something really beautiful. The comfort of the headbands used, the elaborate satin lining, the detail of the label...

Try it - I highly recommend it!

Per April, 2015, Kongo Shokai Ltd., the manufacturer of the DEER Basques is no more. After almost 90 years of producing some of the finest hats (and berets) that can be found in the world, the company has to admit defeat against cheap imports from China, ever rising production costs and the ongoing depreciation of the Japanese Yen. South Pacific Berets has received it's very last shipment of DEER Basques this February, 2015. What is in stock now, are the very last to be found and numbers are low.