South Pacific Berets has not been able to re-stock these beautiful boinas from Argentina for over 8 months and numerous models/colours have now sold out. 

At the time of writing, September 2015, it is not clear whether these berets can be re-stocked at all. 

Our best selling berets are the ones made by Bonigor, in Buenos Aires.  A fourth generation family business dedicated to the art of manufacturing traditional Basque berets in Argentinean merino wool and cotton. Over 90% of Bonigor's berets are worn by the people of the pampas; the gaucho's, peasants and farmers of South America. The remainder is sold to a few city folks and exported to South Pacific Berets

Bonigor's berets are among the top quality berets that we stock and at the same time, come at a competitive price in a very large variety of colours and diameters.

Starting with the Boina Espinosa in a mere 240mm, diameters go up to 350mm with the cotton boina Tolosa Tupida Plato Grande.