Boinas Elósegui's Exposición Super Lujo is among the very top of quality Basque berets. Beautiful berets made of Australian merino wool, Teflon treated for waterproofing and available in a number of diameters and colours.
The high quality of this beret (the high density of the felted wool) makes it a fairly stiff beret, meaning the new owner has to break it in, let the rim stretch itself to the wearers head size. Once stretched to size, one can't wish for a better beret - really!

Boina Exposición Super Lujo 255 and 265mm
Black $54.50

Exposición Super Lujo

Boina Exposición Super Lujo 290mm

Black and Navy

$ 55.50

Boina Super Lujo - 290



These seven Super Lujo models are specifically made for South Pacific Berets. A cobalt or UN-blue model in 28cm, a grey and brown model in 290mm diameter and a Bordeaux (or "granate"), khaki-green, azul cielo (sky blue) and morado (plum) boina Super Lujo in 300mm diameter.

A limited supply only for the real fans of boinas Super Lujo$59.00

Boinas Super Lujo - Custom Made

The boina Super Lujo 31cm in deep charcoal-grey is the latest additions to our range of exclusive custom made berets from the Spanish Basque Country. 
The charcoal-grey is numerous shades darker from the anthracite grey of the Super Lujo 29 and 31.5cm models. Superb berets, especially suited for those with head-sizes 58 and over.


Super Lujo custom-made 31cm