Boinas Elósegui's Exposición Super Lujo is among the very top of quality Basque berets. Beautiful berets made of Australian merino wool, Teflon treated for waterproofing and available in a number of diameters and colours.
The high quality of this beret (the high density of the felted wool) makes it a fairly stiff beret, meaning the new owner has to break it in, let the rim stretch itself to the wearers head size. Once stretched to size, one can't wish for a better beret - really!

At South Pacific Berets we stock Super Lujo's in 242mm ø (Black only), 290mm ø (Black and Navy), 315mm ø (Black) and 325mm ø (Navy). All our Exposición Super Lujo's carry the embroidered 'Euskal Herria' label ('Basque Country', in Basque).

Boina Exposición Super Lujo 244 and 255mm

Exposición Super Lujo

These small diameter boinas Exposición Super Lujo 265mm are custom made for South Pacific Berets in black and not available anywhere else. 

Boina Exposición Super Lujo 265mm 

Exposicion Super Lujo 265mm

Boina Exposición Super Lujo 290mm

Black and Navy

$ 54.50

Boina Super Lujo - 290


These seven Super Lujo models are specifically made for South Pacific Berets. A cobalt or UN-blue model in 28cm, a grey and brown model in 290mm diameter and a Bordeaux (or "granate"), khaki-green, azul cielo (sky blue) and morado (plum) boina Super Lujo in 300mm diameter.

A limited supply only for the real fans of boinas Super Lujo

Boinas Super Lujo - Custom Made
Super Lujo custom-made 31cm


The boinas Super Lujo 31cm in tūī-green and charcoal-grey are the latest additions to our range of exclusive custom made berets from the Spanish Basque Country. The tūī shade of green is a very deep, dark green; outside natural light it can almost appear to be black. The name comes from the native New Zealand bird, whose feathers possess exactly this colour. 
The charcoal-grey is numerous shades darker from the anthracite grey of the Super Lujo 29 and 31.5cm models. Both are superb berets, especially suited for those with head-sizes 58 and over.