South Pacific Berets is principally a store for Basque Berets, but since so many visitors/customers ask for military berets, there is definitely room for expansion - but not just any military beret! Presently, there are already some military berets available, like the French Tarte of the Chasseurs Alpins and the Czech Service Star . All berets that are perfectly fine to wear by anyone outside (or inside) the military, but listed here because of a special, specific reason - making these berets part civilian, part military. 

On this page you will find 100% military berets, berets that are specifically made for the armed forces, but only berets that stand out for exceptional quality. 

Starting slowly, but please visit again for new material. 

These black and green military berets are made by Serbian, former Yugoslav, company UČA International. Excellent quality military berets with cotton lining, fitted with two air vents and  a lambsleather external headband. UČA International is supplier to the armed forces of the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, among others. Available in sizes 57 - 62.  

$ 39.90 

Armed Forces - Black Beret


 $ 39.90 

Armed Forces - Green Beret