A man without a pipe is like a man without a beret, as the old saying goes and South Pacific Berets now offers a small collection of traditional rosewood pipes to make that perfect accompaniment. 

In a time and age where smoking is frowned upon (to say the least), it is good to remember that smoke from a pipe is not inhaled and instead of fulfilling a need for nicotine, pipe-smoking is all about enjoyment, contemplation and achieving a few moments of serenity. The very act of lighting the pipe, holding and smoking it will take the mind of troubles and induce a relaxed frame of mind.


Pipe - Rosewood
The Vase and Poker pipes are hand made of rosewood, showing a beautiful grain and offering a pleasant ergonomic design. 
  • Vase total length: 12.5cm; bowl height: 4.2cm; bowl depth: 3cm and diameter: 1.5cm            The vase model has presently sold out
  • Poker total length: 13cm; bowl height: 4.3cm; bowl depth: 3.1cm and diameter: 1.8cm
Both models are fitted with a carbon filter, come in a velvet pouch with two spare 9mm filters and a set of silver screens.  


Pipes - D Series
The handmade Saddle Apple and Poker models in rosewood are classic designs that have stood the test of time. 
  • Saddle Apple total length: 13.5cm; bowl height: 4.5cm; bowl depth: 3.2cm and diameter: 1.8cm
  • Flat Bottom Poker total length: 14cm; bowl height: 5.3cm; bowl depth: 4.4cm and diameter: 1.9cm
  • Seamen's Poker total length: 13.5cm; bowl height: 4.5cm; bowl depth: 3.5cm and diameter: 1.8cm
All models come in a velvet pouch and giftbox with a set of 10 Big Ben 9mm ceramic filters.  

Wooden pipe stand, in combination with a pipe or beret purchase @ $8.50
We offer the classic Czech pipe pocket tools, in combination with any pipe or beret purchase. The tool has a reamer, poker and stamper.

Pipe 3-in-1 tool