Why do you find pocket & peasant knives on a web site dedicated to the beret? Easy, they have lots in common. I am not talking about the multi-tool Swiss army type knives, the Leatherman's, the knives with inbuilt laser beam and telephone - I'm talking simple, straight forward, reliable, artisan pocket knives. The knife that has been a major tool for peasants for centuries; cleaning the peasant's nails, cutting his apple, cleaning his sheep's hooves, skinning a rabbit, peeling his potatoes and general multitool when nothing else is at hand. 

The first time I came across these beautiful folding knives was at a tiny general store in the small Aragonese town of Ansó.  At first instance, they made me think of the French Opinel knives, but a closer look revealed a prettier design, a better working lock mechanism (Girolock®) and a beautiful and very pleasant natural wooden handle. 

Best of all though, the logo of these Extremeña knives is a boinera wearing a Basque beret! 

Thinking these little knives would make good gifts to fellow beret enthusiasts, I bought a small stock from the Ansó village store. Combining the enthusiasm of the people who got one of these with my own, there was nothing else to do but locating the manufacturer and listing these knives at South Pacific Berets. 

Below you'll find a good selection of the Extremeña folding knives in 440 Stainless Steel, all with natural New Zealand olive-oil treated wooden handles and of course, carrying the boinero logo on the knife and gift box.

The shipping cost for individual knives is relatively high. Therefore, I offer two options:

  1. Free postage when ordering any beret at the same time
  2. Extremeña knife individual sale with added postage

Navajas Extremeña in 440 Stainless Steel

Extremeña Classic with key-ring; 35mm blade

Extremeña Classic; 35mm blade

Extremeña Classic; 50mm blade

Extremeña Classic; 70mm blade  

Navajas Extremena