Per March, 2015, Kongo Shokai Ltd., the manufacturer of the DEER Basques is no more. After almost 90 years of producing some of the finest hats (and berets) that can be found in the world, the company has to admit defeat against cheap imports from China, ever rising production costs and the ongoing depreciation of the Japanese Yen. South Pacific Berets has received it's very last shipment of DEER Basques in February, 2015. What is in stock now, are the very last to be found and numbers are low.   

DEER Basque Berets - 30cm 

The DEER Basque Beret 30cm is a custom made beret by Kongo-Shokai, specifically and only for South Pacific Berets. Presently only available in black and in very small numbers, in a 30cm diameter with a one-size stretchy headband. Unbelievably comfortable, beautiful soft wool with the same craftsmanship and eye for detail as all DEER berets. A one-off beret in a very limited availability. $ 80.00

DEER Basque - 30cm

Kongo-Shokai Ltd. was an old Japanese hat manufacturer, founded in 1928, who made some of the most comfortable berets one can find: the DEER Basque Beret. These berets in 90% wool have a 250mm diameter, are fitted with a soft, stretchable headband and the most beautiful satin lining, carrying the embroidered DEER Berets label. Berets that show excellent craftsmanship and eye for detail.