Chasseurs Ardennais


Wild Boar Badge C.A.


Beret of the Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais, manufactured by Laulhère. South Pacific Berets has a limited number of these genuine G.I. Basque berets, fitted with a sized headband and un-lined. Sizes vary between 59 and 61. The wild boar badge, again in very limited supply, can be purchased in combination with the beret purchase only. 

The unit was formed in 1933 when the 10th Regiment of the Line was renamed the Regiment de Chasseurs Ardennais. It is named after, and based in, the heavily forested and hilly Ardennes region of Belgium. They were envisaged as a counterpart to the French Chasseurs Alpins, which inspired the uniform and traditions of the Chasseurs Ardennais. 

In the Second World War, the Chasseurs Ardennais took part in heavy fighting after Belgium was invaded on 10 May 1940. A unit of only 40 men held off the combined arms of the German forces, including General Rommel's "Ghost Division" for 18 days and only surrendered after running out of ammunition. When asked where the others were, they simply replied 'We are all'.

The Chasseurs Ardennais have, since their inception, worn a large green beret in addition to the uniform which the rest of the army wears. The insignia worn on the cap is the head of a wild boar which are found in the Ardennes region.