The Laulhère Béret Casquette is a hybrid beret: a true beret in the sense of manufacturing, but with a definite peak. Not quite a beret, not quite a flat cap - it's a Béret Casquette

The Béret Casquette is made out of a standard 10 pouces beret, which is stretched on one side, under steam, to draw out a peak. The peak is then reinforced with man-made material. 

Available in a variety of colours, all in 100% merino wool, in "Nu" ("naked", or un-lined), with the classic Basque Authentique label and with (Bayadère) lining. Great for people who would like to wear a beret, but are not quite that confident yet and for beret wearers who simply want to change to something different at times. It is easy to get very attached to these Béret Casquettes!

 Béret Casquette Nu in Black and Navy

$ 49.50 

Casquette Nu (un-lined)


  Béret Casquette Bayadère in Loden-Green

$ 64.50

Casquette Bayadère


  Béret Casquette Bayadère Hendaye - Special Edition 

The Béret Casquette Bayadère Hendaye - Special Edition is made in Laulhere's finest finishing merino wool, fitted with the Hendaye bayadère lining and comes in a black gift-box. Only a limited number available, at $72.50. 

Béret Casquette Bayadère - Special Edition