Jan 2023 - the end of an era... The boinas Espinosa and Tolosa Tupida have been a staple of South Pacific Berets from the very beginning, 15 years ago. Until the beginning of covid, I have always had a steady supply of these berets, but after 3 years trying [unsuccessfully] to restock, I reluctantly have to give up on this range of berets. The few remaining boinas in stock are all discounted by 40% (and once they're gone, they're really gone...).

The boinas Espinosa and Tolosa Tupida are made of 100% Argentinian merino wool; soft to the touch, durable, light and extremely comfortable. What better recommendation than that the gauchos of the Argentinian pampas principally wear these berets? 
Available in a large range of diameters and colours, all in one-size models without headband - so no worries about sizing. 

The boinas Espinosa are unlined berets in 26 and 28cm diameter; the boinas Tolosa Tupida have satin lining fitted and are 30cm in diameter. 

 Boina Espinosa Gold Label - 26cm diameter

 $36.50 $21.90
Boina Espinosa 26cm CLEARANCE

  Boina Espinosa - 28cm diameter

     $41.45 $24.87

Boina Espinosa 28cm CLEARANCE

Boina Tolosa Tupida 30cm diameter

     $52.50 $31.50

Boina Tolosa Tupida CLEARANCE
Boina Tolosa Tupida - CLEARANCE