Febr. 2023 - the end of an era... The boinas Espinosa and Tolosa Tupida have been a staple of South Pacific Berets from the very beginning, 15 years ago. 

Until the beginning of the covid pandemic, I have always had a steady supply of these berets, but after 3 years trying [unsuccessfully] to restock, I reluctantly have to give up on this range of berets. The few remaining boinas Espinosa in stock are all discounted by 40%.

March 2023 - SPB managed to purchase the last remaining stock of boinas Tolosa Tupida in merino wool and 100% cotton from an Argentinian wholesale company. Below are the very last of these fantastic berets (and once they're gone, they're really gone...).

The boinas Espinosa and Tolosa Tupida are made of 100% Argentinian merino wool; soft to the touch, durable, light and extremely comfortable. What better recommendation than that the gauchos of the Argentinian pampas principally wear these berets? 
Available in a large range of diameters and colours, all in one-size models without headband - so no worries about sizing. 

The boinas Espinosa are unlined berets in 26 and 28cm diameter; the boinas Tolosa Tupida have satin lining fitted and are 30cm and 32cm in diameter. 

 Boina Espinosa Gold Label - 26cm diameter

 $36.50 $21.90
Boina Espinosa 26cm CLEARANCE

  Boina Espinosa - 28cm diameter

     $41.45 $24.87

Boina Espinosa 28cm CLEARANCE

Boina Tolosa Tupida 30 and 32cm diameter

Boina Tolosa Tupida