These "Bascos Grande Piatto" are Italy's answer to the French Tarte, the Basque Txapeldun and the Argentinian Plato Grande, made specifically for South Pacific Berets by Italy's oldest beret manufacturer A. de Setti

Large (330mm/13") diameter berets in pure new wool and satin lining. Similar to the Plato Grandes from Argentina, these berets are lighter in weight and density compared to their French and Spanish equivalents, making these ideal wool berets for warmer weather/climates. The headbands are the man-made ones also used in the Bascos Francia, soft and flexible. Extremely comfortable berets and real head-turners too!

Available in limited numbers in black/nero and navy/blu at a 50% discount @ $27.25

Oct 2023: only size 59 in navy and black

Black and Navy - Size 59

Basco Grande Piatto 59