Close relatives of the Basque beret: the Scottish Balmoral and Tam o' Shanter and the Irish Caubeen. The Basques are keen to point out that all these are really Basque in origin, brought there by Basque whalers and fishermen on their way to their grounds of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia - the Irish and Scotsmen tend to think differently...  
Hard to find nowadays and when you do, often in very cheap quality (typically for parties and such), or extremely expensive. South Pacific Berets has now it's own range: good quality, affordable and in a good range of colours. 

$ 44.00

Balmorals and Tam o' Shanters


Maroon with Red 

Tourie Sold Out 


$ 44.00

Tam o' Shanters, Balmorals and Caubeens