A timeless accessory and an iconic symbol of the French chic, the béret Mademoiselle combines the quality touch inherited from Laulhère’s  traditions with the little details that make it 100% contemporary. The béret Mademoiselle is made from virgin merino wool, double lined for extra comfort and signed as a mark of quality. It's South Pacific's top quality beret for women!

The ‘Mademoiselle’ adapts to every style and type of fashion thanks to its many colours choices. Available in five colours in a one-size, headband-less variety. The béret Mademoiselle comes in a clear presentation box or white Laulhère bag - making it a perfect -ready- gift!

$ 62.00 

This model has been taken out of production, unfortunately and only one is left in stock. 
Presently only ONE in Chocolate-Brown available.