The bérets bayadère are inspired by the interbellum's Roaring Twenties, or "Années Folles" ("crazy years"); Parisian jazz clubs and a hunger in people to express themselves and shed off the old conformative shells of society.

The term bayadère has two meanings: "dancer", from the Portuguese "bailadeira", and "fabric in striped, bright colours". The berets bayadère come in a variety of these multi-coloured linings, similar to those berets of the era that are now showcased in museums.

Beautiful berets in both appearance, touch and comfort!

Black - $ 69.00 

Beret Bayadere 9.5p/267mm

Navy - $ 69.00 

Marine/Navy - Beret Bayadere 9.5p/267mm


 Black - $ 69.00 

Beret Bayadere 11p

 Navy - $ 69.00 

Navy/Marine Beret Bayadere 11p/302mm

 Bérets Bayadère Hendaye / Isturitz - Special Edition

Special edition Béret Bayadère in 10p (280mm) with Isturitz lining and presented in a white Laulhere bag. 

Laulhère's top quality beret in it's very best finishing. 

$ 84.50 


Berets Bayadere Hendaye/Isturitz - Special Edition