Édition limitée Aotearoa

The Aotearoa Édition limitée is a one-off series of foulard quality berets, handmade in a small number in black and denim-blue; fitted with New Zealand päua (abalone) cotton lining and carrying the Boneteria Aotearoa woven label.  

The French merino wool berets have undergone a brushing process that makes them especially soft to the touch; these are not only unique, but also -I dare say- the most comfortable berets the world has to offer.

Available in 10p, 11p and 12p/Alpin. Very limited availability: a total of 8 numbers produced per plateau.

The Édition limitée in denim-blue is also available in an un-lined version. Only one model left, in the 12p/Alpin plateau; $110.00.

Édition limitée Aotearoa - Unlined