This is not the archetypical peasant knife, but a real multi-tool similar to the Swiss Army Knives.  Why do we stock this at South Pacific Berets? Only for the simple reason that I like it, and at a price that is hard not to like. Real wooden handles, this multi-tool features a blade, saw, scissors, can-opener, screwdriver (flat), bottle-opener, screwdriver (Phillips), nail veil, pin with sewing eye, corkscrew and keyring.
Like our other knives, available with free postage and handling if bought in combination with any beret!

Real wooden handles, this multi-tool features:

  •  a blade
  •  saw
  •  scissors
  •  can-opener
  •  screwdriver (flat and Phillips)
  •  bottle-opener
  •  nail cleaner and veil
  •  pin with sewing eye
  •  corkscrew and keyring.

Wood Grip Multitool

$ 18.00 (in combination with any beret)

$ 27.50 (solo purchase)