Is there something like a peaked beret? Yes, but they are hard to find. Although many flat caps, newsboy caps, 6 and 8 panel caps are often mistakenly called 'beret', they are not. All these are made of at least two pieces of fabric, sewn together; a beret is made of one piece of knitted material, closed in a circular shape with the thread of the closure still sticking out at the center of the hat. A peaked beret is just that, with a peak added to it!

Peaked berets were made in France during the 1950's and '60's, but production has stopped since. South Pacific Berets is proud to offer these great berets again in three varieties: the superb size-adjustable casquette by Boneteria Auloronesa in 280mm diameter, the peaked berets made by Hoodlums, USA in 300mm diameter and the casquettes made by French manufacturer Laulhere.

One of the more famous wearers of a peaked beret was the Dutch painter and COBRA co-founder Corneille; featuring on the banner and the pictures below.

Click the links for Boneteria Auloronesa's béret casquettes and Laulhère’s.

$ 36.50

Hoodlums Peaked Berets