On 10 April, 2015 (DEER Basque factory Kongo-Shokai Ltd. already closed down), South Pacific Berets received the very last berets made by the famous manufacturer from Kobe. Berets that we had not stocked before, but are -in the tradition of the wool and linen DEER Basques- small pieces of art in their own right. 

DEER Summer Basques, made of a finely knit, breathing polyester, fitted with an ultra light mesh lining and topped off with the silver DEER Basque 'Light' embroidered label. These very first are at the same time the very last - what's in stock now is all there is and will never be replaced (and most colour/size combinations are only available in ones or two's).

To those who, like me at first, have their doubts about non-wool / non-cotton berets, I would say "Try! I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!". 


DEER Summer Basques in Camel, Grey and White 

Camel - Grey - White
$ 65.00 

DEER Basque Summer Berets