Laulhère is the principal supplier of berets to the French military (and many armies around the world), including the Foreign Legion. French military berets are of very small diameter; the Foreign Legion green beret measures 23.5cm. The green beret stocked by South Pacific Berets is the beret issued to the Foreign Legion and Marine Infantry Commandos. These berets are fitted with two air vents, satin lining, real goat leather headband with drawstring and carrying Laulhère's Commando label. Available in sizes 58 - 60 at $ 46.50.

One word of caution: some customers have not quite anticipated the very small plateau (diameter) of these berets; these berets are sitting more on the head, than pulled over the head. Before wearing it for the first time, the beret needs some stretching and nudging to get to the correct size. 

       $ 46.50 

Green Beret - Legion Etrangere